Bus ride down the mountain, a shared mutual depression

She used to believe me,
Riding in dirty buses down the mountains of Santorini,
Having an honest conversation with a dishonest girl,
I thought I was pure,
Her: convoluted and distorted.

But it takes one to know one, they say.

What you thought about me was wrong, she said.
I never believed any of it, I said.
She smiled as if she didn’t believe me.

And with that I looked out the window,
The elevation of the bus descending slow,
Seeing the buildings of the town below,
Their parapets sprouting like the growth of flowers,

And in that powerful image I looked into her eyes,
Pooling with tears like mine,
The sun glistening on her white face,
A trace of light gracing my brown skin,
And she believed me once again.

The next few minutes were held in silence,
Hands held with fingers laced between,
The pace of hearts beating in time,
Tears in her eyes just like mine.

And if that ride taught me anything,
It’s that you may find sweetness in the oddest of places,
In tired, flimsy bones,
In souls jaded,
In eyes that hide the most basic truths,
And hands that stand idle,
While the vices of humankind pull at our minds.

Architizer: Helpful Hands: Six Architects And Foundations That Design For Disaster-Stricken Areas

Here is an article I wrote for the online architecture publication Architizer. It is the second article I’ve written for them.

For those who are more inclined to use Tumblr

I have created a Tumblr that will be updated along with this website. This is in order to reach as wide of an audience as possible. I am also planning on creating a Twitter handle in order to market myself better as a writer.

The Tumblr will be updating regularly with old posts that are on this blog. This is to give the Tumblr some meat on its bones. After it catches up with this WordPress, the two will be updated simultaneously.

Thanks friends & followers (all 29 of you!)

Architizer: Architecture As A Subversive Act: Slums, Walled Cities, And The Torre David

I have been published to Architizer’s blog. Some of you may recognize this one. Read here.

The Chicago Monitor: Despite testimony from U.S. drone strike victims, many remain oblivious to their horror

Another article by me posted on the Chicago Monitor regarding the recent testimony of drone strike victims. Read more here.

What Have I Been Up To Lately?

Ideally, I would be posting on this blog on a regular basis, but this hasn’t been the case. This is due to many reasons, the primary one being my busy schedule. Though it is easy to make time for this blog, it has not been my primary focus. Right now, my main concern is finding a job that pays. Right now, I’m interning part-time without pay at CAIR-Chicago, a non-profit that deals with discrimination issues and issues of Muslim representation in the media and at large. I work in the Communications department, maintain the website, and write & edit articles for the online publication The Chicago Monitor. While the work does not pay, it is rewarding and offers me a chance to hone my writing skills and make meaningful connections with people.

I have been updating my portfolio and will soon start volunteering at Rebuilding Exchange here in Chicago. I hope to start sending out my portfolio to companies with open positions on job boards as well as talking to as many people about my portfolio as possible. I am also looking into creating a professional website for my work.

My writing hasn’t taken a back seat, it has just slowed down a bit. I am currently having friends proofread and critique a few of my short stories, and once they are edited, I shall try to send them out to journals. In addition, a few friends have shown interest in starting a writing meet-up group in order to help each other with the writing, editing, publishing, and marketing process.

Clearly, I’ve been occupying my time. However, I see a lot of these things as activities that can wait. I cannot follow through with any of these tasks without a job to finance them. So that has been my primary focus: getting a job in my profession (architecture, graphic design, etc).

I will probably post updates on here as they come, and any help/direction/guidance would be a help.

Questions of a curious mind

Are robot Eskimo kisses exceptionally electric?


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